Partisan du Sens continues its collaboration with China and signs a new creation for the super premium beauty brand Voorlici.

Following up our creative partnership with Bonjour Shanghaï, the agency accompanied the Chinese beauty brand Voorlici for the definition of brand positioning “nature as an art” and the design of a range of «tryptique» face masks, with the ambition of combining «luxury», «art of the beauty» and “preciousness of nature”.

A work of designing boxes and packaging identity highlighting each main ingredient radiating in the center of the product, enveloping the brand block and conjugated with the material codes as rhey do in the most beautiful luxury homes: hot gold, embossing and textured paper.

A strong graphic identity with high perceived value, where each ingredient has been treated individually in its design, but with a common styling that incorporates the texture effects of the oil brush.

A luxurious natural range, where the brand asserts its position as a master in the art of beauty.


Bonjour Shanghaï & T Mall