It is one of those projects that stays on top in the career of an agency.

You know, this kind of project obviously very exciting, but which has this peculiarity of being rare enough by its nature that we creative people, we decided to tell its story.

Here is one of our most beautiful creative chapters of the year:
“The yellow guide by Partisan du Sens”

Once upon a time, two journalists who were passionate about gastronomy were thirsting for freedom and independence with a single goal: to travel the territories, to stage the terroirs and to find the culinary talents of tomorrow. In the 1970s, the guide Gault&Millau was born.

Years later, in the era of digital, millennials and international, the web platform arrived and opened the frontiers of global influence and recognition, while adapting to the new uses of the consumer.

In 2019, driven by a new presidency embodied by Jacques Bally & Vladislav Skvortsov, the project of creative redesign of the famous «Yellow Guides» was born. A single objective: to put modernity, audacity and the pioneering spirit of the brand back at the heart of the 2020 edition and for future ones.

Thus Partisan du Sens entered the «gourmet-gourmand» world of the Gault & Millau guides to define and reveal a new graphic writing: global renovation of its identity, artistic direction of the main volumes of its collection of works, and that of his dedicated website.

So follow the guide! First branding, then edition!

A “family” brand identity that is adapted to the colors, visual styles and artistic directions, through a collection of guides specific to every desire.

Champagne Guide:
Sparkling discoveries.

The creative work of this guide unfolds around a combination of gold and grape color with multiple shades. A rework of general segmentation, photographic style and layout that has managed to put back in superb the most beautiful houses.

Guide «Le 109»:
New Blood for Aspiring Crazed Chiefs.

It’s the new kid from the collection !
Proud of his DNA «G&M», he has the colors of its paternal guide France to reveal a new reading approach that will deliver you the 109 new tables to know.
Journalistic style, entry by the chef, as many ambitions for this new kid who pushed us to define the creative new blood of this new opus.

Province guide :
Our regions have talent.

In a spirit of continuity with the previous guides, the historical white and yellow codes were preserved on the cover so as not to disturb their identification with its readership.
It is therefore in the pure continuation of the Guide France that the work of style, layout and overall artistic direction was undertaken.

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