« Everything has to change so that nothing changes» (Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa).

This could be summed up by the mission that Biondi-Santi, creator of the Brunello appellation, has entrusted to Partisan du Sens for the relift of their prestigious vintages, from creation to technical support

A short range, with two iconic skus "Annata" and "Riserva", with a dual purpose of creative purpose:

- A matching between the image of the product and the historic aura of Biondi Santi.
- An optimized segmentation bringing more value to the "Riserva" vintage.

A real challenge because the original bottle’s identity had not changed for several generations! Les partisans did a goldsmith's work, between meticulousness and delicacy, around all the attributes of the brand: typography, block-mark, colors, finishing aspects...

An upgrade in the purest respect of the patrimonial identity of the product, and in a spirit of continuity.