Founded by Gérald Galdini and François Takounseun, Partisan du Sens agency is strongly committed to the successful future of the brands with which they work.

Deeply attached to the quality of the expressive forms they are destined to take, since 2003, Partisan du Sens has worked with discretiongenerosity and precision.

As a raison d’être, Partisan du sens accompanies the luxury brands along this exceptional pathway, of their experience of luxury.

The key to the success of this commitment lies in the precious ability of Partisan du Sens to develop a strong affinity with luxury brands.

This partnership springs from an initial encounter during which they explore values or a important product, as the foundation stone of the task before them and the starting point for their joint creative venture.

Partisan du Sens is about a philosophy, not simply creation.

They apply this approach to every field of brand design. From visual identity to designproduct ritualmerchandising and sales architecture, Partisan du Sens is driven by the same philosophy, that of transforming objects, the subtle stimulation of innovation through the fostering of an intensely-felt brand loyalty.

To this strong sense of form and the potential of an object, Partisan du Sens adds its dynamic, stringent and authentic approach to design, supported by a sincere and sophisticated creative strategy that guides their vision of the project.

A project managed by Partisan du Sens is an agile combination of creativitydialogue and a rare determination to get things just right.

The result is a work and an experience that are totally unique.