In China in mid-autumn, the moon festival is one of the most important celebrations in China. Symbol of unity and gathering, it is also on this occasion that offer the famous mooncake.

For the 2019 Moon Festival, T-Mall, giant B to C alibaba's platform and Bonjour Shanghaï, have commissioned Partisan du Sens to create three exclusive boxes for three ultra-luxury brands of Mooncake's inspired by the vast universe of international haute couture fashion.

Three boxes with high perceived value, drawing their identities (volume and graph) on three specific narrative anchors.

Ode to femininity, the first box of the brand Wufangzhai highlights the lunar star and a universe of legends. On a blue-night background, the box opens and unfolds to take on the appearance of a small theater. The interior of the box offers a unique scenography told in the form of illustration.

The second box of the Jinzun brand deploys its lunar radiance through a refined and elegant graphic design, while offering a gesture and a grip "in suspension" for its holder.

Finally, the ultimate box of the brand Daoxiangcun, from the world of luxury luggage, became an "it-bag"! Worked with chiaroscuro contrasts, details in the material (embossing, sewing), and a signature frame, this box defends a statutory design and resolutely classy.


Bonjour Shanghaï & T Mall