After the identity renovation of their prestigious vintage Brunello; Partisan du Sens has also accompanied Biondi-Santi in the creation process of their olive oil’s packaging identity made in the estate.

Dedicated to the most loyal clients of the firm, this fine and gourmet product has the vocation to create an exclusive relationship between the brand and its finest enthusiasts.

In a new bottle, inspired by an ancient and local universe, the identity has been thought all over again in order to relay institutional codes and the know-how of the Italian firm.

A contrast between a handwritten typography expressing a meticulous approach of an exclusive product and a new trademark block, sober and discreet to highlight the title of the handmade product.
To protect the bottle, the pack has been thought like a journey inside the Italian wine cellars, due to a work in volume with a raw wood, expressing a craft and authentic identity, protecting the product until its tasting.