“Luxury brands are in the best position to reinvent themselves: they have proven it by crossing the generations. They will take up the challenge of eco-responsibility like any other: with style and sincerity! “


We have seen a fundamental trend emerging for several years, which the current crisis has only accelerated. The joint evolution of mentalities and the possibility to be better informed have brought a deep change in the attitude of the consumer. Concerned about his health and the environment, favoring use over possession, he demands more transparency and commitment from brands. The consumer is now demanding more sustainable added value than the basic quality/price/dream contract, for the benefit of society and the planet, beyond his person…

The consumer changes but retains its major characteristic: he is very paradoxical! It’s interesting to note, for example, that millennials criticize the loss of meaning of brands and say that they are ready to see them disappear*, but remain addicted to their favorite sneakers and smartphones…

Expectations in terms of sustainability do not escape these paradoxes and luxury brands are particularly exposed to them.

Indeed, if the crisis can have beneficial effects for the luxury industry, such as the promotion of origins and crafts, it’s the entire ostentatious dimension of luxury that is more than ever questioned.“Costly pleasure that we offer ourselves without real necessity” **, to give oneself a status in the eyes of the world or in one’s own eyes. Luxury has always been synonymous with heavy and precious materials, sumptuous decorations, profusion to make an impression…

Is the new consumer ready to sacrifice this luxury dimension? How reconcile luxury and frugality? What materials and know-how use in a sustainable perspective? Should we focus on reduce materials? The durability? The repairability? The recyclability?

Remember that the etymology refers luxury (from Latin luxus) to the idea of what is separated, removed and so, stands out. Nothing to do with light (lux), which is part of a mental construction associating luxury with what shines. 

A deconstructed and reconstructed luxury, essential, experiential, discreet and responsible is therefore quite possible! From design to production, from distribution to use, the CREATION finds new momentum here, seeking the best aesthetic and technical solutions to these questions. In this sense, it’s an essential link in the responsible transformation.

*Etude Kantar Millwardbrown 2017
** Dictionnaire Larousse


Hélène Grandjean,, brand strategy specialist and strategic planner for Partisan du Sens.