Partisan du sens accompanied the Giorgio Armani brand in the reinvention of the iconic "My Armani to go Red Cushion" with the creation of a new collection of four new elegant and refined designs.

Echoing the world of Armani fashion and lifestyle, the four new signature designs bring a delicately distinguished atmosphere and offer a unique make-up moment. Each case has its own style, its own finish, made with great attention to detail and beautiful materials, to reflect different moods. The four looks are also a haute-couture reinterpretation of the brand's iconic red hue, vibrant and richly symbolic.

The Red Lacquer cover boasts a smooth, gleaming red that echoes the essential elegance of the Giorgio Armani aesthetic. The Rouge Malachite cover resembles a precious stone with its marbled pattern, to look minimalist yet striking. The Effetto Pitone, with its snakeskin texture, evokes a refined, exotic accessory. Finally, the sparkling Red Crystals cover is crafted with a glistening, jewel-like finish that catches the light.

A work full of refinement and texture to reflect the know-how of the house and to offer the consumer a unique and personalized experience.

One year after creating the "My Armani to Go" collection, Armani Beauty and Partisan du Sens are introducing the latest product in this collection: the "Pleated leather" red cushion. The creative inspiration is a permanent echo of the founding principles of Armani fashion and the leather material is added to the collection with a "whaouh effect" and elegance, bringing structure, visual vibrancy and a sensual touch to this new opus, just like the iconic bag that inspired this new cushion.

A preview launch in China, that will soon be extended to the international market. Stay tuned!