Partisan du Sens reveals a limited-edition box and its unique bottle, combining elegance and modernity to celebrate the Lunar New Year, an ancestral Chinese tradition.

The agency has joined forces with the Larsen House to unveil a creation inspired by the history of exploration and adventure of the brand’s Cognacs. Through vibrant lines, bright colors and the subtle play of lights and sparkles, the creation reinterprets the house’s emblematic Drakkar in a festive and surprising way. The whole enhances the spirit of discovery and travel while playing a perfect balance with Chinese culture.

If the Viking boat is an evocation of the Larsen brand identity, the decor is a unique and balanced composition adorned with gold, considered in China as a sign of luck, prosperity, wealth and longevity. As for the Chinese symbols, meaning “everything can go smoothly without any obstacles”, they celebrate a millenary art that aims to harmonize the energy of a place, promote the well-being and health of its occupants.