Inspired by the neo-perfume houses and the DIY trend, Partisan du Sens plays around with the fusion between this universe and spirits to create a range of playful cocktails that appeal the “Gen Z” tribes.

Discover "TOTEM", Partisan du Sens’ creation for the Make a Mark project, dedicated to exploration and innovation in luxury packaging and which brings together twenty international agencies each year. Presented at LuxePack Monaco 2022, "TOTEM" ensure a visual and sculptural representation of layers of flavors and aromas.

In the same way that perfume is discovered through three layers (headnote, heart note, base note), each tribe can design its own custom cocktail kit through a didactic and playful website, which will then be delivered on demand. Three «totemic» elements are proposed, with several variation: a central base, the pillar of this «totem» DIY cocktail, complemented by two pre-chosen fragrances that will personalize the tasting experience.

Besides the concept of the playful character being expressed through a feeling of variation, diversity and generosity, it was of primary importance to ensure the visual and sculptural representation of layers of flavors and aromas. It was therefore about exploring volumes, colors and textures in order to create endless possibilities of totemic designs. By utilizing several finishing molds, the glass plays on various colors and textures, but it is the label that connects the different layers, drawing the brand and adding yet another texture. The hot foil expresses the brand’s luminous and high-end aspects. Applied on the iconic, on purpose disproportional tailor-made cap, it will eclipse and reveal itself as this evolving sculpture is built or dissembled.

For Totem, we thought of designs that are infinitely refillable, but also reusable. Consumers have the opportunity to upcycle their three totemic elements to decorate and colour their home.