Partisan du Sens worked with Albert Bichot - a famous Burgundy wine house founded in 1831, to enhance its brand image and to redefine the packaging identity of its numerous Burgundy wine ranges. This rejuvenation was carried out with finesse and modernity, meeting the brand’s objectives of an elevated perceived value and the need to highlight its identity. This project is bringing Albert Bichot into a new identity era.

Albert Bichot’s news identity

The focus is on the House! The brand block, has been brought back into the limelight thanks to its name popping out. It is crowned by a new heraldic, inspired by the historical coat of arms, with a more assertive armorial bearings.

The agency also collaborated with the House on its wine’s packaging renovations. The colour segmentation was harmonised and rationalised for each range at first, and then for each product. The goal was to establish the personality and recognition of all the cuvées, thus allowing the House and its own graphic studio to develop the other cuvées independently.

Albert Bichot’s range rejuvenation

The refreshed colours, the embossed illumination, the finer lines and full and loose graphics reveal a new way of expressing a brand statut with an elegant modernity. A project reflecting the renewal of Albert Bichot’s house.

Sublimated monopolies

Albert Bichot has exclusive rights to 6 Burgundy vineyards, and the house is producing from these domaines a range of 6 exceptional wines with their own identity. Using the old identity codes as a foundation for this specific project, Partisan Sens celebrated the uniqueness and singularity of each vineyard, renovating these labels in a more modern and statutory way. 
Having wax on the bottle is reinforcing the unique and artisanal craft of this grands vins.

Crémants from Burgundy

In line with Albert Bichot's collection, the Crémants de Bourgogne are adorned with filigree illuminations, combining elegance and classicism. CUVÉE PURE -whose name is a perfect qualifier for its own identity, is the only crémant having singular codes . By borrowing the codes of premium sparklings, the packaging raises the cuvée to a high-end Crémant range.

Partisan du Sens finally completed its support with various technical recommendations and support to facilitate development.