For the arrival of spring and good weather, the cosmetics brand Annayake and Partisan du Sens partnered together to create a unique packaging offer for a duo of limited-edition perfumes.
The agency reveals a duo of punchy fragrances, inspired by the eccentricity of the Harajuku district, the emblematic place of Kawai and J-pop culture in Tokyo. Named “SHOKU” in reference to the Japanese term for color harmony, these hypnotic bottles have bold, bright and refreshing shades: vibrant fuchsia and ultra-flashy orange for her, turquoise blue and acid yellow for him.

With true respect of cosplay, the bottle “SHOKU” for Her is inspired by the ultra-vibrant and colored candy floss that cosplayers enjoy in the street. The predominant pink is undoubtedly the favorite shade of Kawai Japanese, while the orange, symbol of love and joy, expresses unlimited energy. The “SHOKU” for Him bottle, reminds us the radical shades of animation films and video games. The blue refers the indigo used to create kimonos and the yellow evokes the sun at its highest, symbolizing movement and strength in Japan.