The year 2020 was full of unpleasant surprises, and with the holidays approaching, you might be wondering how to celebrate. With travel restrictions, faltering consumerism, and a desire to get back to normal, counterbalanced by guilt, where does celebration stand?

Let’s not forget that…


Celebrating means sharing:

The holidays are a set of rituals. Whether you experience them with your family or your friends, they create shared memories and give structure to communities by reinforcing a sense of identity and continuity with the past. Heritage brands serve their purpose, creating ties between generations and making an atmosphere feel warm and special, whether it’s through decor—like grandma’s heirloom tablecloth and crystal flutes—or the food itself. As the pinnacle of celebration, a bottle of Champagne reveals a special aura charged with strong emotions. Its holiday adornment must strike a balance between authenticity and festivity, timelessness and fleeting beauty.


Celebrating means giving:

The origin of the word “gift” dates back to the fifteenth century and is thought to come from the Latin catellus (little chain), in reference to the beautiful handwriting on letters penned by master scribes. Another etymological theory traces it back to capdel (captain), which referred to an ornate dropped initial capital letter at the beginning of a paragraph. This means that ornamentation, specifically the art of typography, is intimately linked to the purpose that a gift serves. It marks the care and attention to detail given to the way gifts are wrapped and presented. Now that ecological responsibility is driving us to reduce the volume of gift packs, fine lettering is a wonderful way to add value and meaning.


Celebrating means touching:

In these strange times, when contact has become a scary word, touching is forbidden, and even face-to-face interactions have been replaced by video calls, the holiday season provides a chance to revive the feeling of festivity and the festivity of feeling! It brings you back to your childhood, when touch is the first sense to develop. Perhaps you hurt your finger on the Christmas tree, knead dough in the kitchen, apply makeup with your fingertips for a special occasion, twist the cage off a Champagne cork, or unwrap your gifts with excitement. All these moments remind us that substance gives our lives texture and comfort. Touch is a fundamental sense that luxury houses and the holiday season surround us with, in an era when information technology focuses on appealing to our other senses. The sense of touch both grounds you and inspires your imagination, and that’s why it feels so profound.


So, let’s celebrate! Even if there are only a few of you around the table, and you don’t overindulge, you’ll enjoy the attention to detail, sincerity, and savoir-vivre we feel so strongly about here at Partisan du Sens!


Hélène Grandjean, brand strategy specialist and strategic planner for Partisan du Sens.