As an extension of its new creative platform and brand world, Martell has entrusted Partisan du Sens with the creation of an exclusive edition for its Asian VIP customers, presented and offered on the Chinese New Year.

For Martell and Partisan du Sens, this was an opportunity to express through creation, the association of values between the prestigious house and the 2022 tiger symbol, which was able to translate power and elegance into this exclusive blend from the most iconic of Martell terroirs: Les Borderies.

The creation is enhanced with a delicate, chiseled work on the label, playing the tone-on-tone card for a finely detailed result, full of texture. The box reveals all the strength of the brand world thanks to a contrast between brand colors and "lucky colors" echoing the CNY, highlighted by an ultra-premium finish.

A taste of audacity, a powerful blend, an exclusive edition.