Partisan du Sens continues its "spring collaboration" with the cosmetics brand Annayake to create packaging offer for a duo of limited-editions perfumes.

Taking its DNA from ancestral Japanese know-how, and advocating the philosophy of harmony, it is quite natural that the Annayake brand launches a duo of perfumes, inspired by the Yin & Yang, symbol of complementarity and harmony.

The agency worked with the brand on the creation of a packaging duo, inspired by duality in unity. The clean architecture of the two bottles is contrasted with the softness of the gradients in complementary colors: incandescent coral for the feminine and Prussian blue for the masculine. These two colors, both full of passion and very refreshing, turn around each other forming the drawing of yin and yang.

To give olfactory meaning to this relationship, HIM & HER are built on similar raw materials but crafted differently to bring out unique facets. The intensely coloured creations are inspired by these olfactory notes. Coral for the perfume "HER", a floral-fruity, with a spontaneous and vibrant temperament. And blue for the perfume "HIM", an original, complex, impetuous perfume with blue tea notes.